Be more effective daily by connecting Teia to appropriate software (Document Management Systems, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, Building Management Systems, etc.) and using data from BIM digital models. 

Make your asset durable

Thanks to Teia, upon receipt of the design or construction BIM model, use an information scoring mechanism to ensure the quality and integrity of the data.

Facilitate the handling or commissioning of a new asset by automating the retrieval of information used in operations from the BIM model.

Improve your quality of life at work

Use the model to facilitate the localization of requests and reservations.

Visualize in real time the operations of the building to improve the comfort of the occupants.

Adapt the use of models to the profiles of your employees.

Facilitate field interventions

Limit the issues by preparing the interventions through the model.

Visualize maintenance task list to better understand the interventions to be carried out.

Facilitate access thanks to the location of equipment on the model.

Maximize resources

Manage and optimize workstations and occupancy by viewing the spaces and their usage ratio.

Display consumption in a simple way to encourage eco-responsible behaviors.

Respect regulations

Have up-to-date regulatory documents.

Easily identify and contextualize places at risk.

Reduce environmental impact

Reduce the number and duration of interventions.

Optimize surfaces, cleaning and maintenance by having precise management of surfaces and occupancy.

Capitalize on digital models

Use all the data available to be efficient during the maintenance and operations phase.

Go further with the digital model in Teia and use it as a decision-making tool.

Communicate efficiently

Facilitate communication between your teams and their customers by using the model as a purchasing and sales assistance tool.

Help customers personalize their living spaces using Teia’s features.

Include a BIM life cycle

Perpetuate the asset’s knowledge by getting to know it through the use of digital models.

Integrate BIM in the quality system and in the organization of the company.

Reach your goals using the features available in Teia