Teia features 3D visualization

3D visualization


Explore digital models from your browser is one of the Teia features.

3D allows a better projection of users in an unknown space, as well as an increased contextualization of information.

By alternating between orbital view for a macroscopic context, or pedestrian view for more immersion, freely choose the view suitable for the action to be performed.

Choose to display a technical view allowing you to see through walls and objects, or a realistic photo view giving you a precise context.

Maintaining models


Keep your models up to date as work and interventions are carried out:

  • Re-import up-to-date IFC models and keep the best possible knowledge of your asset.
  • Synchronize the solutions connected to Teia with quality information from up-to-date BIM digital models.
Teia features BIM
Teia Business and technology solutions connections

Business and technology solutions connections


Supervise your asset through Teia by displaying and contextualizing data from specialized solutions: Document Management Systems, Computerized Maintenance Management System, Building Automation System, Occupancy Management, Safety Systems, Energy Management, etc. .

Customize the display of this data in the models using color codes, icons and personalized displays.

IFC information


You can easily find the data related to BIM models from the 3D interface.

This data can be exchanged with other systems to optimize the processes and allow all stakeholders to better understand the asset.

IFC information Teia
Teia features configuration and customization

Configuration and customization


Personalize the interfaces and adapt them to your functional needs.

Thanks to the Teia Back-office, configure your views yourself with the models of your choice, create shortcuts adapted to your profession and interfaces dedicated to your needs.

Apply your own graphic charter and display your logo.

The Scenario module allows you to create custom shortcuts to optimize your interface.

The Workflow module will help you to set up the business processes related to your digital models.

Multi site management


Manage all your assets from Teia by locating digital models on a map. 

Raise the alerts for your entire fleet in the Teia interface.

Customize display according to user profiles and their rights.

Teia features Multisite management
Teia User profile management

User profile management


Teia allows the management of user rights. Manage everyone’s permissions and grant access to the data:

  • Give access to all or part of the models and their associated data,
  • Choose to display all or part of the projects on a map,
  • Adapt shortcuts to your business and operational needs,
  • Synchronize users with your corporate directory.