BIM charters


Our teams support you in the creation of your BIM charters for Operations by organizing exchange meetings and workshops. This will allow you to identify and analyze all of the operational needs of your buildings according to the uses, occupants and tools used. Operations are the longest phase of a building life and has specific needs which are reflected in the updating of existing digital models or in the creation of BIM models in the case of existing infrastructures. In order to set up BIM for operations, it is essential to define these needs upstream and to include them in a global BIM charter.

BIM models audit


At each contractual stage of a project, in order to help the transfer of responsibilities, our teams propose an assessment of the state of the model received from the assigning party and of the consistency of the data attached.

This control is performed both on the 3D geometry of the families and objects used in the model and on the BIM data attached to 3D objects.

Establishment of processes and definition of profiles


Thanks to our savoir-faire in the fields of BIM and 3D visualization as well as our experience on the subjects of BIM, we have acquired a strong expertise on all the prerequisites necessary for operational BIM and on the definition of the concerned users needs.

We share this expertise with every player in the projects in which we work.


BIM for Operations modeling


We model BIM models according to your needs. We study these needs with you. Then, we adapt the levels of detail of the models according to the typology of organization of your company as well as your quality system, and your uses in operation.

Deployment of for Operations projects


We deploy BIM projects using Teia. The software will allow you to keep your models up to date and connect them to business tools.