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Founded in Lille, France, Stereograph joined Euratechnologies from its creation and launched its studio for creating 3D images and videos. Its services were aimed at architectural workshops and prestigious real estate developers.

A few years later, Stereograph extended its activities to the industrial world and took the turn of 3D software publishing with TEIA, the first web solution able to make any 3D model intelligent and connected.

Stereograph now markets Teia to major international customers in the secondary and tertiary sectors and has established itself as an innovative and recognized leader in its field.

square meters of connected buildings thanks to our software TEIA
Connected buildings thanks to our software TEIA


Wind turbines

Ecological footprint

We are conscious of environmental concerns so we act daily to reduce our ecological footprint.

  • BIM establishement for building players ecological transition : decrease of carbon impact and energy savings. 
  • Hybrid cars
  • Single-use plastics removal
  • Recycling

Human valorization

For us, employees well-being at work is a key priority.

  • Talents development through training courses
  • Youth employment valorization through work/study training program
  • Company’s management commitment 
  • Regular Team Buildings
Hands customers and partners
Process outils BIM GEM

Create value and share it

We want to create mutual confidence and durable links with our clients and partners. 

  • Innovative solution for building players collaboration
  • Ethical and lasting partnership creation
  • Sane and stable relations with our clients