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Working at the heart of the issues facing the tertiary and industrial sectors, Stereograph has designed a unique and innovative solution, TEIA, in order to respond to the new business challenges that BIM brings. TEIA articulates its expertise around BIM to resolve the difficulties linked to the management, operation and maintenance of BIM models and places innovation at the heart of your asset in order to follow its evolution in real time. By connecting your business solutions to TEIA, discover a new way of designing buildings to optimize their performance.


Although the digital transition of the construction sector arrived late with the BIM model, Stereograph saw its potential long before it reached its maturity on the market and developed a strong expertise around its importance for communication and operations. Our expertise is also expressed through consulting services to support the implementation of new or existing operating projects.



Studio is a legacy that we have always wanted to preserve because 3D is at the heart of the history of Stereograph. Our expertise has been proven since 2010 with our multiple references and awards, both nationally and internationally. We produce 3D renderings, videos and virtual tour applications to enlighten your real estate projects.


Stereograph combines its expertise with its partners in order to provide and complete support for each project of management, operations and maintenance of BIM models. With a large network of partners – which we regularly expand in order to always meet market expectations, Stereograph is proud to have a large number of large companies in its community to ensure controlled and optimal deployment of every BIM project.

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Stereograph commits to do actions for ecological and energy transition developing BIM for Operations. Our teams and partners act to manage property assets’ life cycle more responsible.